The Assessment

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Our approach is to first understand your reasons for seeking help with an organization project.  You may be at a point where disorganization is making you feel stressed, frustrated or even inept.  You may be tired of stuffing things into drawers and under beds.  You may be concerned about having a party or houseguests.  Understanding these feelings as well as the root causes of the disorganization is important for creating a new organizational “system” that will work for you.

Next, we will discuss specific rooms or areas that require attention.  You may want to transform a guest room into a home office, or you may want help making your kitchen more efficient.  You may want a paper or electronic filing system so that important papers are easily retrievable.  Maybe your laundry room has become a dumping ground that is not working for you.  Figuring out where to start is a critical step to achieving your vision of what it means to be organized.

The next step is a home visit for an initial assessment.  (Please don’t clean up beforehand!)  Together, we will walk through the areas of your home that we discussed earlier.  We will discuss which rooms are working well for you and why, and which rooms/areas are not as pleasant or functional as you would like.  We will also ask you if you have physical limitations in terms of retrieving stored items, and if there are other family members who might be impacted by the organizing project.  

During the visit, we will take some notes so that we can prepare some high level recommendations, a Statement of Work and pricing.  Pricing is either by the hour, or you can purchase a discounted package of hours.  Once you have accepted the Statement of Work, we can begin!


Working Together

Typically, most work sessions are between three and four hours.  During that time, we will work side-by-side for the most part to:

Sort, Purge, Assign a Home, Containerize and Evaluate (SPACE).  

We will guide you through these tasks to help you make good decisions about what to keep and how/where to store it.  We will also make recommendations about how to properly dispose of the items you decide to discard.  We will be respectful and non-judgmental about the decisions you make concerning your things.  

After each session, we will send you a Progress Report which will include a list of storage (or other) items for you to purchase or acquire. Whenever possible, we will use/repurpose furniture, shelving and containers that you already own.  The report will also contain a list of tasks for you to complete (e.g., donate clothes, shred old papers, etc.) before the next session.  The more you do between sessions, the more efficient we can be when we work together.  After the second session, we will review our progress to determine what is or isn’t working well in our process.  We will also revalidate the scope of the project as well as your goals and objectives.  


Finishing Up

At the end of our project, we will review the changes we made and discuss a plan for keeping your new area organized on an ongoing basis.  We may also discuss other projects for the future.  We will follow up with you approximately 30 days after project completion to discuss how your newly organized area/room is working for you.