When my husband died I felt completely overwhelmed.  When I asked Laura to help me get organized I had no idea that it would be such an important decision for moving me forward.  We started with the kitchen, and suddenly preparing meals and cleaning up became easier and more enjoyable with everything in the most convenient place.  We moved on to my husband’s desk, and I will never forget how lovingly she handled his glasses and other personal items that I would never have been able to sort out on my own.  We continued with the medicine closet, where I had never been able to find anything, but now can see exactly what I have.  I could go on and on, but the fact is that she has made my house a happy environment and a real pleasure to work in.  She gently points out changes that could be made to make life easier (such as better lighting), and asks questions about living spaces that help me decide what I truly want.  Laura quickly sees the simple solution to each problem.  She is caring, creative, and a true professional.  I could not recommend her highly enough.


Thank you, Laura!  It certainly was a productive - yet fun - session!  As usual, your progress report is accurate, clear, and even inspiring - and I certainly hope to complete all the red items before our next session!


Thank you for your excellent report!  It is so encouraging to review what we’ve accomplished and to see the remaining tasks clearly outlined.  And thank you, also, for the info on the basement shelving.  I will definitely follow up on that as well.  After floundering around and procrastinating for several years (!), I am so psyched to finish this project!  Thank you!!


 Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks, Laura.  I've already reorganized the coats in the closet and have begun to move the shoes!  The staging checklist is a good idea so that I can modify it and, since I've printed it out, I can add to it, too!  It's so satisfying crossing off chores that are completed. Again, thank you for the lending your time and talents to my project!  I'm sure you will do well in your new endeavor


Thanks you for your time and attention to my current project of getting my house ready for sale.  I found it easy to work with you and your input relevant and helpful.  The “action list” you made is very useful and I appreciate the links.  Glad to have you on “my team!”


Thank you for your help staging my house.  Your ideas and suggestions were most helpful and contributed to a pleasing and hopefully, saleable result.  It was fun to work with you in dress clothes or jeans, and I appreciate your willingness to pitch in and help with any tasks that needed to be tackled…including ones requiring the Magic Eraser!


Thank you so much, Laura. You make me feel so empowered.


The room looks ever better as I get more used to it over time.  You did a grand job for me - thank you so much.


Dear Laura,
Thank you for venturing back to Marion to make this presentation for us [Council on Aging].  I have heard such great feedback from your presentation.  I found it motivating and inspiring. 



Please note that the names of my clients were deliberately removed from their testimonials to protect their privacy. References are available on request.